Ice Skating in the City

Last weekend, after picking out our Christmas tree and enjoying dinner with family, Reagan and I drove into DC to meet up with some of our NC friends! I met Susannah on the first day I attended Stroller Warriors. She is quite possibly the most friendly person I've ever met! And what makes her even cooler, is that she has a daughter named Reagan too:) 

Susannah and her husband, Nate, decided to take a long weekend and visit DC and friends in Quantico. When we heard they were driving north, I emailed Susannah and we made tentative plans. After our long day, I was really considering just kicking up my feet around the fire pit and relaxing for the glad I decided that we should go!

Reagan and I parked near the National Mall, and I popped her in the umbrella stroller so we could attempt to locate Susannah and family quickly (who wants to wander around DC in the dark?!). Thank goodness for cell phones, because we were able to meet up within minutes. We walked towards the White House in search of food for them (I was still STUFFED from Kimchi House) and wandered into a Mexican restaurant. As is typical of restaurants in DC at 6:30, the wait time was nearly 2 hours. Yikes! We decided to go next door to this great "fast food" Indian place. (Think Chipotle but with naan instead of tortillas, and lamb instead of carnitas.) They ate a quick dinner and then we took the girls to the ice rink next to the mall!!  Sadly we didn't have a camera (just iPhones), but it was a blast. I keep telling people, "It's one of those totally touristy things that people who live in the area don't do...because they're local. And they're really missing out!" Reagan was super excited about ice skating. She loved putting on the skates, walking on the rubber mat outside the rink, and seeing all the people whiz by. And then we actually got on the ice. We made it 1/2 a lap before she looked up at me, smiled, and said, "I done." She was a real sport and did another lap and a half before calling it quits. Definitely something we'd like to do again! Here are a couple pictures from the night:

Mommy & Reagan

Susannah, Reagan, and Nate

That's one freezing tummy!


  1. Love those iceskating picks!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my post for today to see what it's all about...


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