Fun & Easy Art Project

We've been playing with colored rice for quite some time now, so I decided to step it up and incorporate the rice into a fun and simple art project. When Reagan was in Kindermusik, she loved all the shakers. We have a million empty toilet paper rolls lying around and we decided to get creative!

Step 1: Gather supplies: wax paper (you can probably use Saran wrap too), empty toilet paper/paper towel tubes, painters tape, rice (or macaroni)

Step 2: Place a square of wax paper over one end of the tube. Tape in place.

Step 3: Have your child scoop a few large spoonfuls of rice into the open end of the tube.

Step 4: Use another square of wax paper and tape it to the other end of the tube. Use one more piece of tape to ensure the other ends don't slip off (right around the middle)

Final Product: Colorful rice shaker that's great for making music!


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