It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last weekend, we decided to decorate the tree! Reagan and I put the lights on earlier in the week, so all that remained was placing the tree skirt and hanging the ornaments. Reagan climbed up the step stool while Daddy showed her how to put her ornament up:

And here's the ornament she chose to hang first! Absolutely love this memory! 

Before placing the tree skirt around the base, it's always best to try it on as a cape:)

With three people decorating the tree, it really didn't take that long. Here's a proud little girl with her SUPER TALL tree!

Once we finished decorating the interior, I asked Jason to hang some lights outside. I really wanted them in a tree out in the front yard, but the lack of power outlets made that impossible. We decided to hang them inside the back half of the carport instead! It's perfect because they provide more light than the side lamps and since they are neutral, they can stay up year round. Jason took it one step further and strung them along the entire backside of the house (along the deck) - great for outdoor gatherings! 

While Daddy hung lights, Reagan practiced her stroller skills:)

These are going to be the memories I will cherish when Reagan is a teenager and has more important things to do than spend a morning with her boring parents, decorating the tree;)


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