A Bit Early...

But I'm so excited about the Father's Day gift we made for Jason, that I thought I'd share it with you all. Last year, when he was deployed on the MEU, I sent him a small book (like a children's hard book) of pictures of the two of us.  This year, Reagan and I thought it would be appropriate to send him a picture book of the two of them (plus a few of me too).  I'm quite pleased with the final product and just hope it makes it to Afghanistan in time!

Book Spine ("for my daddy")

Front Cover (Jason teaching Reagan how to crawl)

Pages 1 & 2 (first meeting at 3 weeks old; shark attack on the deck - quote: "I love my father as the stars- he's a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.")

Pages 3 & 4 (Reagan "tasting" Tommy's leg; starting to crawl!)

Pages 5 & 6 (Family picture in the backyard; one of the many Christmas card shots - quote: "Have you ever noticed that while you're going through a tough time you know one day you will laugh about it.")

Pages 7 & 8 (Reagan loving the swing at the park & posing with Daddy; Reagan and the kids - "It doesn't get much better than this!")

Pages 9 & 10 (Mommy & Reagan "the girls"; Bath time)

Pages 11 & 12 (Footprint & Handprint done on May 26th; Daddy and Reagan on her Baptism day)

Back Cover (Reagan and Daddy at the Aquarium in Fort Fisher)


  1. That is beautiful! He's going to cherish that forever!!

  2. I love this!! What a wonderful Father's day gift.


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