Grandpa's Birthday!

On August 2nd, we celebrated Grandpa's birthday.  But in true Goodale fashion, we started the Sunday prior at Great Grandma Linda's house with tacos!

Reagan getting some delicious snacks from her great grandmother

Grandpa and Reagan enjoying some watermelon

Fun with Uncle Kevin (the chef)!

Peeking at Uncle Geoffrey through the glass

Reagan had so much fun testing out Great Grandma's stair-lift

On Grandpa's actual birthday, we started the day with our usual walk.  Then he and I went down to play some tennis while Grandma watched Reagan.  After that, it was a waiting game for Geoffrey and Kristin to get off work so we could got to Cheeseburger in Paradise for a birthday celebration.  Grandpa chose this venue because they have delicious margaritas!  Grandma, Kristin and I all had the skinny 'ritas and they were amazingly tasty.  

Instead of cake, Grandpa got a birthday shot!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Reagan looked especially cute on the stairlift. :) By the way, always make sure that screws and bolts holding the seat to the track and the track to the stairs are very much secure to prevent any accidents.

    Tanisha Hertzler


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