Playgroup in Jacksonville

We are lucky enough to have several mothers and babies to hang out with on a weekly basis in Jacksonville.  Guess that's what happens when our husbands leave for months at a time:)  The babies are fairly close in age and love playing together.  Sure, they don't really know how to share yet, and everyone drinks everyone else's sippy cup, but all in all, it's a blast.  We get together, and pot-luck style, bring food and drinks (the boring, non-alcoholic kind) for an afternoon date.  Here are some pictures from our latest playgroup meeting at our house:

Hailey - 14 months

Sean Patrick "a.k.a Reagan's bf" - turning 1 on August 30th

Connor - 14 months

Reagan & Sean "cooking" at the new kitchen from Grandma

Siena - 11 months (dressed like Kelly Kapowski using her Zach Morris cell phone)

Caliana - almost 1 year

Nikki (Siena's mom), Caliana with her mommy, Pam, and Reagan

Lots of pushing and not sharing takes place during playgroup:)


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