Holy Tomatoes! And the Best Grilled Cheese EVER!

During our trip to VA, we visited Great Grandma Isabel and Great Grandpa Ted at Green Springs.  Within the community, Great Grandpa Ted is somewhat of a living legend!  He's got a couple plots in the garden where he produces a ridiculous amount of tomatoes.  I'm not quite sure what he's feeding these plants, but he hands out close to 40 pounds of tomatoes a week during the peak of the growing season.  Here's a look at what was "hanging around" the apartment when we visited:

The tomatoes are delicious and truly could be a meal on their own, but what kind of visit would it be if Great Grandpa Ted didn't make his famous grilled cheese?!  I'm not sure what exactly he uses to make them, but I'd be willing to bet he sprinkles them with a bit of crack...yes, they are that good!  There is probably close to 1/2 pound of cheese on each sandwich and loads of butter on each slice of bread.  I only had 2 while we were there, but if I didn't think anyone would judge me (and wasn't sure I'd have a heart attack shortly after), I'd have had 10 of them!  

Seriously: BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH EVER!  I'd put money on Great Grandpa Ted over Bobby Flay in a grilled cheese throw down any day.  


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