Photo Session with Reagan and her Grandparents!

August 2nd was a memorable day.  Not only was it Grandpa's birthday, but it was also the first day I got a picture of MIL & FIL together!  Ok, that's not exactly a true statement.  Since Reagan's in all the photos, it doesn't count, but I promise, I'll eventually get one of just the two of them:)

Before we headed to dinner on that Tuesday, Reagan and her grandparents hopped in the van and we drove down to the lake near their house to take some pictures.  Although she's not smiling, I'm pretty happy with the results.  Here they are...sorry for the PHOTO BOMB:

This one is titled: "Hey wait for mommy!"


  1. What a wonderful idea! I am sure they love them. My favorite are the last two. They are so sweet.


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