Old Stomping Grounds

On Friday, July 29th, Grandma & Grandpa graciously offered to watch Reagan for me so I could go out to dinner and see an Evening Parade at Marine Barracks 8th & I, our old stomping grounds.  The Barracks will forever hold a special place in my heart since I met Jason there back in 2006.  Our dear friend Cody and his girlfriend, Lauren, met me on 8th Street for dinner at Cava Mezze, a delicious Mediterranean-style tapas restaurant.  We shared 5 different dishes, each was amazing, and a couple drinks.  Then we walked a block and a half to the Barracks.  Upon entering, I ran into several Marines who were there when we left.  It was good to see old faces.

We went to Center House (which was recently renovated) and I ran into one of Jason's old lieutenants, Nick Schroback:

He and Jason did their MEU deployment together and I was pleased to see that he's enjoying his time in DC.  After chatting with him for a bit, I got a chance to talk to my buddy, Hart Smith, who had gotten the tickets for us.  

After a beer or two, we were ushered outside to our seats and awaited the beginning of the parade.  The weather, though hot, we incredible on the parade deck.  There was a lovely breeze that kept us cool throughout the hour and fifteen minute show.  Here are some pictures from the parade:

The President's Own - The United States Marine Band

The staff marching out - that's what I used to do!

The Commandant's Own - The Drum & Bugle Corps

Silent Drill Platoon 

Silent Drill Platoon  

Pass In Review - that's what Jason used to do!

After a wonderful parade, we went back to Center House to enjoy another beer and hang out with the Marines.  We happened to be right inside the door when the guest of honor, the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, III, walked in.  He immediately turned to Cody, Lauren, and me and spoke with each of us briefly!

Once the clock struck midnight, most of the crowd disappeared and I took it as my signal to hit the road for my return trip to Woodbridge.  It was an incredible night and I absolutely had a blast.  

Lauren & Cody


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