Reagan's First Haircut

Well, we're at it again...traveling that is.  After Reagan's doctors's appointment on the 20th, we loaded up the car (we're becoming pros!) and drove to Woodbridge, VA to see Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Geoffrey.  We had a couple days to relax, and on Friday, we went to see Bonnie (who did my and my bridesmaids' hair for the wedding).  Reagan was definitely in need of a trim:

As you can tell, she couldn't exactly see through those bangs!  I placed her in my lap, Grandma handed her a rice cracker, and Bonnie started to work.  She used a spray bottle to wet her hair, and then started cutting.  With a minimal amount of tears, the haircut was finished quickly and she's cute as a button (even if her father thinks she looks like a boy now:).  

With Miss Bonnie after the cut.  She still wasn't too sure what was going on!

I think her haircut looked like Haley Mills in her Parent Trap days.  Super cute and best of all, now she can see!  Bonnie was so sweet and gave this first cut "on the house!"  Her new shop is gorgeous and much more spacious.  All in all, it was a success!


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