Max's Baptism Celebration

On Friday afternoon, after the Pebbles & Bam Bam party, Reagan, Tommy & I loaded up the car and headed to Raleigh.  Lynsey and Mason and Keith's parents were already there working hard on decorations/food for the party.  Once we arrived, we headed over to Colleen's parents house (about a mile away) so Colleen & her mom could decorate the cupcakes:

While everyone else worked, Lynsey and I watched Mason & Reagan walk around outside.  It's amazing how much they have learned over the last year!  It's almost hard to keep up with them now:)

Colleen's mom, Jill, made us a delicious dinner and we also enjoyed a dark chocolate dessert with dark chocolate fudge sauce and ice cream!  Once that was over, we headed home to get the babies into the bathtub and off to bed.  Sounds easy, right?!  Ha!  Not a chance.  Lynsey, Mason, Reagan and I were sharing a room.  Putting two babies to bed at the same time proved to be quite a challenge.  We ended up getting Reagan to sleep and then taking Mason out for a 10 o'clock stroll in the Bob until he fell asleep and could be moved into his pack 'n play.  Overall, it was a great night and so good to catch up with friends.  Lynsey and I chatted in whispers for 30 minutes like the old days of high school slumber parties.  

On Saturday morning, Reagan and I went out for a nice jog in the cooler temps and then came back to the house for breakfast.  After that, Lynsey and I did a Crossfit workout, courtesy of Sean.  Then we all started getting ready for the baptism.  We put the babies into the strollers and walked them to the church right up the road.  It was a quick ceremony (especially considering there were 9 babies being baptized).  Max was an angel and slept through most of the service.  Once it was over, we returned to the house for the party.  Here are some of the decorations that Lynsey & Colleen worked on the previous night:

Here are some group shots we took at the church:

Max & Erica (godmother)               Max & Ben (godfather)

Erica, Colleen, Max, Keith & Ben

Max with his parents and grandparents

Max & the Sullivan family

Max & the Belward family

Taking advantage of gorgeous weather for outdoor pics: Max with his parents and godparents

Lynsey & Mason, Colleen & Max, Me & Reagan

Mason being such a good little boy while his mommy played photographer!

Everyone came back to the house for food and drinks and lots of fun!  Keith brought out the corn hole boards and people enjoyed the amazing weather.  The babies were all well-behaved and Max took LOTS of naps throughout the day.  Even after the bulk of people left, we put on another crockpot of homemade BBQ (made by Jill) and dug in for round 2.  It was a wonderful celebration and so good to see friends!  


  1. Great recap. It was so good to see you again and THANK YOU for being my lifesaver Friday night. I don't know what I would have done without you.


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