A Wonderful Afternoon

On Thursday afternoon, I called my dear friend Maureen and asked if she and her son Sean would like to join us for a quick beach outing.  We hit the post office to mail yet another package to Jason and then headed to Maureen's house.  Within a few minutes, we were driving to the beach.  She led us to a nice quite area where we could park very close to the beach access.  Despite a lack of vehicles, there were several people out enjoying the "calm before the storm."  We are expecting Hurricane Irene to hit sometime on Saturday, and I imagine lots of people were drawn to the beach for one last visit before it gets crazy.

Reagan and her boyfriend, Sean, enjoying some swimsuit-free time on the beach

Nice calm ocean.  Wonder what it's going to look like in a couple days.

Maureen tending to both of the babies

After our beach time, we decided to visit the local Dairy Queen.  I distinctly remember my girl's first visit to DQ despite the fact that I wasn't there.  She went with her grandparents and Uncle Geoffrey and Kristin.  I received a couple texted pictures while I was at dinner with Reagan's face covered in ice cream.  She was sharing a cone with her grandpa.  Seemed harmless at the time.  Oh, how wrong I was. As soon as I walked in the door that night, I was told by the other three witnesses, that Reagan ate about 1/2 of a large ice cream cone!  Keep in mind, she was still drinking breastmilk and had not yet been introduced to regular dairy products.  Around 4 am, Reagan woke up COVERED in poop.  At that point, I should have taken her directly upstairs to her grandfather, but I wasn't thinking that clearly.  Instead, I cleaned her up and tried to get her back to sleep.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Instead, we ended up going for a 5 am jog.  

Since that time, Reagan has had lots of ice cream with no bad effects.  Thank goodness because this momma LOVES her ice cream.  After all, I did work at Baskin Robbins and The Inside Scoop for a total of 5 years:)  On Thursday, we got the kids small cups of ice cream and empty cones.  That way, we could just put a small amount in the cones and let them enjoy.  Reagan did great and ate the entire cone without help...sitting in her own chair!  She's growing up!

Daredevil Sean likes to stand on the chair


What a big girl!

Surprisingly, she wasn't totally covered in ice cream, this was the worst of it


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