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I'm not finished blogging about our VA travels, but wanted to post this because I'm so excited about it!  My brother-in-law, Sean Mulder, has me hooked on Crossfit.  He sends me a daily workout via text message and I report my results to him.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of equipment, he's had to get creative.  I went out and got a jump rope and kettle bell, but needed more.  So I decided to build a 20 inch box jump.  I walked into Lowe's with an idea, and after consulting with a few of my former fellow-employees, I left with a plan of action.

They cut 4 20x36in pieces of 3/4in plywood and cut 8 2x4s in half for me.  I also picked up a box of galvanized 1 5/8in screws and a gallon of exterior semi-gloss paint.  Armed with my supplies, I headed home to start my project.  During Reagan's naps/sleeping, I managed to finish in about 3 days.  Here's the project in steps:

The tools: miter saw & drill - yes, this was my first time using the was awesome!

The supplies: painted plywood & galvanized screws

First, I made the frames using 2 1/2in screws and carefully measured and cut (measure twice, cut once my FIL says).  Then, I used the 1 5/8in screws to secure them to the plywood.

I attached all four sides and ended up with a very sturdy structure.  It weighs about as much as I do, but at least I know it won't collapse when I jump on it!

Then I finished painting the outside and the side panels.

Lastly, I attached the side panels and applied non-skid strips to the top so I won't slip off:)

Here's a picture of me testing my handiwork - got to love self-timers!

And here's the blurry picture of my test

On Wednesday, August 10th, I tested my new project with 5 rounds for time of 20 box jumps and 20 thrusters.  It held up for all 100 jumps!  I definitely consider it a success.  Now all I need to do is get some casters to place on one side so I can roll this bad boy instead of dragging it!


  1. Great job Jen! I'll just call you handy woman Jen from now on. Glad you are liking crossfit.

  2. That is awesome! Once you master the 20-inch jumps, you can just turn it long ways and jump 36"!!!


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