Pebbles & Bam Bam Have a Party

 On Friday, 19 August, we hosted playgroup at Maureen Donlon's house in Holly Ridge.  But this was no ordinary playgroup, it was a joint birthday celebration for Reagan and her boyfriend, Sean Patrick!  We decided (at Maureen's suggestion) that we make it a theme party, so we dressed the kids up in costumes to look like Pebbles & Bam Bam from the Flinstone's!  Earlier in the week, we went to Maureen's house and while I played with Reagan and Sean, she made the costumes using t-shirts/shorts and some iron-on patches!  She did a fabulous job!

Maureen is super creative and talented and she made an amazing "Happy 1st Birthday" sign for the babies and decorated her house with tons of dinosaurs.  Her husband, Brian, made cupcakes topped with Fruity Pebbles to share with friends, and I made two small dinosaur egg-shaped cakes for the birthday celebrants.  We had lots of friends to share the day with and it was great fun.  Brian even surprised Maureen & Sean by taking off the afternoon so he could be at the party!  We ordered pizza and Maureen even had them make the number "1" out of pepperoni on one of them:)  The party was a wonderful success and was number 3 for Miss Reagan.  We're really setting the bar high for next year!  

Here are some pictures of the decorations/cakes/costumes:


  1. These two are much cuter than the original pebbles and bam bam. Love all the cute party details.


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