Cody's Long Layover

Cody is moving to Hong Kong for work. Before he embarked on that journey, he decided to take a quick vacation in Australia and booked his ticket with a long layover in Los Angeles! Lucky us! After breakfast, we hopped in the car and headed north to pick him up at the airport. Jason is a great navigator and managed to get us to a nice spot with plenty of restaurants and a swarmed beach! 

First things first, we stopped at the Venice Whaler and grabbed some beers and a quick snack. We even got to watch some of they Olympic events! 

We changed into our bathing suits, California-style (which means we did it as covertly as possible while standing in the parking lot:) and hit the beach. The girls had a great time playing in the sand and after the boys swam for a bit, Cody and I took naps on the beach. Jason walked with the girls and played for a long time...thanks babe! 

She's so shy!

Despite a serious shortage of shells on the California beaches, there's an abundance of seaweed. It has many uses...

Once we dug Savannah up, she needed a rinse!

With one exhausted little girl, we changed back into our regular clothes and drove up the way to check out Muscle beach and all the other craziness that Venice beach has to offer. There's a lot of crazy.

How cool is this stroller with the skateboard option for big sis?!

I've seen roller skates, and roller blades, but this is an entirely new invention! 

I'll just leave this here...

If living in California does nothing else for our children, it will make them more adventurous! These kids were climbing and swinging high with no regard for their safety! It was incredible! And the two boys in the picture below were doing flips (front and back) off a wooden balance beam on the beach! They couldn't have been older than 10!

Reagan cautiously got in on the action:)

 Savannah finally woke up after being carried by all of us for an hour+, and then Reagan passed out in the restaurant. 

It was a chilly night, so we picked up these ponchos for the cute are they?! 

What a great day! How cool was it that Cody planned to swing through and make his journey even longer?! We will miss him, but look forward to seeing all his adventures abroad!


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