Reagan's First Day of 1st Grade!

Last Sunday, after a busy weekend, the girls were excited for school the next day! Reagan admitted to being a bit nervous, but said she was ready. We read The Night Before First Grade and Peppa's School Day to get them in the right mindset. Although Savannah already started her preschool, she had a short week because of our camping trip, so we needed to gear up again:)

The were in bed and asleep by 8. The next morning came with excitement! The girls are not supposed to leave their room until the alarm goes off, but Reagan was too amped up. She was dressed and ready to go at 6:20. I let her hang out in my room while I finished up a workout and then we prepared for the day. Reagan was all about "making her own breakfast," and Savannah was all about the doughnuts! (I don't always feed my children sugar-laden treats in the morning, but this was a special day:)

Of course we took the obligatory sign-of-what-grade-you're-starting photo. This was one of about 50...this kid does not know how to smile for a camera when asked! Must be all the millions of pictures I've put her through in her short 6 years on this earth. 

We dropped Savannah at preschool and headed to the base to join the zoo of students and parents on the first day of school. Reagan's school is located about 2 miles from the house, but it's also on a 2-lane road with a LOT of people walking and riding from their houses. It truly resembles a zoo. 

She was quiet. Unusually so. I tried to pump her up about how much fun she was going to have. Once the gates opened, we found her classroom, met her teacher and wandered out to the playground with the rest of the kids and parents. As 8:55 neared, she was even quieter and started to get a bit teary. But she pulled herself together, splashed a bit of water on her face and got in line on the hopscotch grid labeled #17 with the rest of her class. I waved goodbye and wished for the best. 

When I picked her up (an entirely different and more chaotic zoo!), she was all smiles! She reported that the best part of her day was voting for the new class pet - fish vs. hermit crab. Fish won out and she was pleased because that's what she voted for. Reagan also said they got to go out for recess 4 times and they got to eat lunch outside! Now that's a great day!

We grabbed Savannah from school and then headed home for celebratory popsicles and pool time. Reagan's was gone before we got to the pool (less than a city block away). Savannah, on the other hand, takes about 25 minutes to eat hers. She doesn't like to bite it:)

At this point, Reagan had been in the pool for about 15 minutes, and Savannah was still carefully eating her treat.


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