A Look Inside: Girls' Room and Master Bedroom

Although we hope you will all come visit us in Cali at some point to see it for yourselves, I thought I'd share some pictures of our new home. We live in a great community of townhouses just 3/4 mile from the beach and 2 miles from the base gate. Our house is 3 stories. We'll start at the top and eventually I'll get around to posting the other floors:)

At the top of the stairs, you'll find the girls' room. We got them bunkbeds one Christmas knowing that we want them to share a room for several years to come. The room is small, enough space for their toys, a small desk, the bunkbeds, and a bookshelf. We decided to put their dresser downstairs in the guest room because the closet holds all of their clothes. They have their own full bathroom attached to the room.

These are Savannah's. Every night, she looks at me and very seriously asks, "Mommy, can I put my monkey in my pajamas?" I answer, "Of course you can." And we carefully tuck it inside her shirt. It's a bizarre routine, but I think it helps her feel safe, so we continue... The pink baby's name is Lola. The one without clothes is Miss Tammy, named for her preschool teacher at North Post CDC. Grandma gave her the other small baby and prayer bear. She sleeps with all of them surrounding her.

Reagan has had Frank, courtesy of Grandma, since she was born. He used to talk, but years ago had "surgery" to remove his voice box because it was waking her up! Her baby is aptly named "Baby." And she sleeps with "Cuddler," Jason's old bear that was a gift from a Marine Papa worked for. After taking this picture, I found her Prayer bear from Grandma at the foot of the bed. She keeps him close too!

The green & blue bins hold their toys. Perfect storage since they don't have to organize! The bin to the side topped with the the Angels' #1 fingers holds all their dress up clothes and items too oddly shaped for the boxes. 

The mirrored closet is perfect for their clothes. The left side has 6 shelves, bottom 3 for Reagan, top 3 for Savannah. That way, I don't have Savannah pulling all her clothes down at once! The right side has two bars, again, bottom for Reagan and top for Savannah. Each night, we lay out Savannah's clothes on top of the dog they got from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa...a permanent fixture in our home because it's the best stuffed animal ever! 

Reagan has recently gotten really into Shopkins. Because she plays with them more frequently than her other toys, they are allowed to stay out in plain view. When we moved, we pared down the book collection and donated several boxes to Goodwill. These are their favorites. Among them: the Llama Llama series, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, Pinkalicious, and all the books Grandma, Papa and Uncle Geoffrey recorded for them!

Grandma and Papa got Reagan this adorable art desk one Christmas and it's perfect! It never looks this organized, but it's the most functional piece in the room! And they do a surprisingly good job of taking turns using it. 

They chose a shark-shaped bathmat and a fish toothbrush holder...guess they are embracing living near the beach!

If you come to the top of the stairs and hook a right, you'll find our room. To the immediate left is the bathroom. It's like a palace compared to our Mt Vernon house! Seriously, we could fit that old bathroom into our new shower! There is a poop closet (hahaha!) to the right, double vanity and a large shower/tub. The strange thing is that there is no door to the bathroom. So if you're visiting and you hear the shower running, don't run upstairs, or you'll get more than you bargained for! 

My closed it also in the bathroom...which I LOVE! It has a chest of drawers and a million shelves. No place to hang things, but I stole a bit of space on Savannah's rack and it works. 

Coming back out of the bathroom, there is a short hallway and you are greeted with these gorgeous windows! Not much of a view straight on, but if you sit in the bay window and look left around 7:30 p.m., you will be treated to a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the ocean! We put both dressers in the room and Jason uses them. He also has his own closet, mainly for dress shirts, suits, and uniform items. 

I picked up the tapestry at the sunset market last week! The ceilings are so high, it was quite a feat to hang this.

That's it for the first part of the tour! It's rarely this clean and organized...I did that just for YOU:) 


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