Batiquitos Lagoon

On Wednesdays in Oceanside, schools have early release (1:05 instead of 3:35). Last Wednesday, I picked Reagan up, we did her homework, and then we grabbed Savannah from preschool. We headed south to Carlsbad to check out the Batiquitos Lagoon! I had visited the day before and knew it was a great place for the girls to explore. There is a nice wide, flat walking trail and a more narrow path that hugs the far side of the lagoon closer to I-5. We checked out the narrow path first.

No matter where we go, whether a walk around the neighborhood, a stroll through the outdoor market, or a hiking trail, Savannah is always out front!

On the narrow path, there are small puddles of water that are home to these tiny crabs! They look like big spiders.

The lagoon is a protected area and there are many beautiful sites to behold. 

The girls found one of these prickly pears on our way back to the car. Reagan picked it up, then let Savannah have a turn...they both ended up with small scratches that itched and don't pick these up unless you're wearing gloves!

After exploring the narrow path, we walked back to the main trail and wandered in about 1/4 mile. Tommy and I had ventured up a larger hill the day prior and found a swing. The trail we took was steep and dangerous, so the girls and I walked a bit farther and found a nicer route. They did great!

I hadn't told them about the swing, so it was a nice surprise when we reached the top! I let Reagan go first. Perks of being the oldest:) She loved it!

Savannah hopped on next and smiled the entire time!

Then it was Mommy's turn. We each took another turn and then snapped a quick pic of all of us. This swing makes you feel like you're flying. If it weren't for the noise from the highway, it would be absolutely perfect!

On the way back to the car, Savannah and Reagan found some small branches. We tucked them into Savvy's shirt and her shadow looked like Olaf, the snowman from Frozen:) 

At first I wondered what on earth we would do every Wednesday for an extra 2+ hours...but somehow, I don't think we're going to have any trouble filling the time. So much fun to be had!


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