Happy 3rd Birthday, Savannah!

Warning: Serious photo overload below! 

On Saturday, we headed north to visit the Burzumato clan in Orange! We left the house around noon after a quick lunch and sat in a LOT of traffic. DC had some bad traffic, but it pales in comparison to the ridiculousness of I-5! The traffic had one upside...more time for the girls to nap. They were both passed out for most of the way.

As soon as we arrived, Savannah became Uncle Dan's shadow. She really loves to find him and follow him around:) Reagan found the hammock, one of our favorite spots, and settled in.

We hung out in the garage for a couple hours. Reagan found a cardboard box, so we cut holes into the sides and made her into a robot:) They played tug-o-war with Uncle Dan. Then she spotted Uncle Dan's old handcuffs, and he showed the girls how they work. Reagan went from one person to the next practicing her new found skill. (BTW, handcuffs are really uncomfortable!) Uncle Dan was nice enough to break out all of his old cop gear and the girls played with it for over an hour! 

Aunt Helen even got in on the fun:)

We took a break from playing police to enjoy some popsicles. And shortly after, Amanda and Nathan arrived. Of course, Reagan wanted to show off her handcuff tricks. Amanda was her newest victim! Savannah climbed all over Nathan:)

Yesterday was Uncle Dan's birthday, so we were celebrating both of them on Saturday! I wanted to get a picture of them together, but they are too silly!

Once they started getting restless, Miss Jeanette stepped in. She gave Savannah her birthday gift and helped Reagan follow the treasure map Amanda created for her. After a while, we heard a lot of giggling and started to wonder where Jeremy had wandered off to. Turns out he was teaching Savannah to throw her new ball on the roof!

We sat down for a delicious dinner of burgers, pasta salad and a big garden salad! It was yummy! The girls shared a salmon burger and loved it! Uncle Dan and Savannah opened their presents, and Reagan even got a gift too! 

Looks like Uncle Dan thought the popgun should be for him:)

Savannah happily chomped on her candy necklace and then graciously offered some to Uncle Dan. Unfortunately, she had already licked all of them! 

Hmm, maybe Jeremy and Jenna should have gotten a popgun for everyone! Nathan remarked that if this had been their gift, they would immediately have cut the string, made more "cork bullets" and had a war:) Guess I'm grateful for girls!

Holding her new pool float and mermaid towel! Perfect to use at our neighborhood pool!

As the clock struck 8, we headed inside for dessert. Uncle Dan requested apple pie, and the girls and I made cupcakes for the celebration. (There was also a delicious cherry pie, which I enjoyed!)

Having a meaningful chat with her Uncle Jeremy!

She's in it for the frosting!

So much laughter and so many smiles. Being far away from Grandma, Papa, Uncle Geoffrey, Aunt Glenna, Jessica and the rest of our amazing family is tough, but when you have "family" like the Burzumato's within driving distance, it makes it easier. We are grateful for their generosity and love! 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Savannah! You have an abundance of energy, a smile that can make dark clouds disappear, and wit that far outpaces your short years. We love you so very much and are proud of you!


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