Standby for a LOT of pictures:) 

Moving across the country right before your birthday can be tough, but Grandma & Papa had a special early party for both girls and they were content to have an ice cream cake in Woodbridge and call it good. But when you're lucky enough to stay in a house 5 minutes from Disneyland (thanks Uncle Dan & Aunt Helen!), you have the opportunity to surprise your kids! I've said from the beginning that we wouldn't take the kids to Disney (world or land) before Savannah was at least 5...that was before we were so darn close. With discounted tickets available on base (and Savannah not yet 3, got in free!) and Disneyland in your backyard, you make an exception.

The night before, we gave Reagan a birthday card telling her about their Disney surprise. They couldn't believe it! We got up early to arrive at the park around opening time, and it was already slammed! 

Jason wandered off to find rental strollers for the girls and while we waited, Mickey arrived for autographs. What luck! As we stood in line with a family from New Zealand, they told us they had been in the park for 5 days and this was the first time they had gotten to see Mickey! The girls were amazed and happily got Mickey's signature:)

Our luck continued and Goofy was in the same area, so we hopped over to that line next. Savannah was in awe. It was adorable!

She even went back for an extra hug!

We went on as many rides as possible, including the Haunted Mansion, a jungle cruise and Dumbo's flying elephants. Reagan even rode Big Thunder Mountain! 

While the girls and I stood in line for Dumbo, Jason went to get them their Minnie ears and had their names embroidered. I wanted to get a quick picture of them with their cute hats, and managed to capture this...I think Reagan spent most of the day like this...in shock at how cool Disneyland is!

Both girls were exhausted around 2 and passed out in the strollers. Jason and I took that opportunity to ride a few of the bigger rides:)

They woke up in time for the afternoon parade.

We ventured out of the park to grab some dinner and a seat which was a welcome break. But quickly got back to the fun and characters. The girls were psyched to find Pluto when we returned.

One of their favorite rides was one that any Disney fan knows - Small World! We even went on this one twice:) They loved the roller coaster in Toon Town as well and poor Savannah cried so hard when it was over because she wanted to hop on again. As the streets got crowded for the evening parade, the girls and I spun on the teacups (Jason hates that one so he abstained) and caught a glimpse of Elsa & Ariel! We did our best to push toward the park's exit and slipped into a great spot to watch the most amazing fireworks display I've ever seen! It was all timed to music and was truly incredible. 

All in all, I'd say it was a successful day! What a fun way to celebrate almost 6 and almost 3! It was so wonderful to see their faces smiling with pure joy!


  1. I love all their expressions! What a truly magical experience. I can't wait to take our kids but dread the planning part!


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