Flash Back Friday: Easter 2016

As you know, I haven't been the most reliable blogger:) In an effort not to skip over important events that occurred during my blogging hiatuses (hiauti?!), I'm going to start doing flash back Friday posts. Enjoy!

I think that the girls have been dying Easter eggs with Grandma and Papa since they were born. It's a tradition (so guess you guys will be coming to Cali for Easter:)! Two days before Easter Sunday, Grandma and Papa came to the house to help decorate eggs. I love it because they do all the work and I just snap pictures. Savannah was cashed out when they arrived, but woke shortly after to join the festivities. We had two kits that included glitter paint and the standard dyes. There were 2 dozen eggs to color, and the girls had a blast with their beloved grandparents. 

So proud of her brilliantly pink egg!

When Reagan was little, Papa created a collage of hand. It's beautiful and it is displayed in their house. This one and the one below would be good additions. Teeny, tiny brushes!

I tried to color part of Reagan's hair with the dye...it was more like a highlight, but it was pretty:)

Finished product ready for the Easter Bunny!


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