Flash Back Friday: Spring Break Part 4

After a much too quick visit with Colleen and Keith and the boys, we hit the road again. I came from and married into families that are very proud of the universities they attended. They have allegiance to the sports teams, visit on alumni weekends, and own a plethora of school paraphernalia. And then there's me. I'm proud of graduating from UNC, and I had a great four years, but my memory is awful and the closest friends I have are from high school and the military...so unless UNC is playing UVA, I rarely talk about "my glory days" in Chapel Hill. That being said, I figured it was time to show the girls a little piece of my history! (They have been to UVA more times than I can count:)

We made the briefest of pitstops in Tarheel Country. I snapped only one picture...the girls with the Old Well. We had an awful meal at Waffle House in which our first waitress was so loaded she actually picked her nose AND fell asleep while taking our order. There was moldy bread and an errant hair in our food. All in all, it was disgusting. We did swing by one of the local stores to get ourselves some Carolina gear to sport during March Madness though!

After our less than stellar visit to my alma mater, we hit the road again. It was a short drive to Lynsey and Brian's house, and the kids enjoyed a reunion. It was chilly, and we played inside with them. Lynsey and I even managed to get in a workout together! 

Whoever says girls are calmer than boys and don't wrestle hasn't met this crew!

That evening, we met Grammy Betty and Grandpa Gray for dinner at Zoe's kitchen. After dinner, we headed back to their house where Lynsey had arranged a birthday dessert for me! It was wonderful to see them and writing this makes me sad that we are so far from our NC friends now. But we'll focus on teaching the kids about becoming pen pals, and we will eagerly await the next reunion!


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