Getting Organized

When we bought our house in North Carolina, one of the first projects Jason tackled (with the help of his dad, Gary Mike, Grandpa and Cody) was to outfit the garage with shelving. They did it all while I was away on a girls' weekend too, so it was a great surprise when I got home! 

The house we found to rent in Oceanside is fantastic! But, it's smaller than the last two houses we've lived about 1000 square feet! So in addition to the storage unit we rented, we wanted to make the most of the space we have, so Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen to the rescue! They drove down the first Saturday after we moved in and helped Jason put in shelves along the garage walls! The girls and I played inside, cleaning and organizing, while they took a trip to Lowe's and got to work. I can't believe how quickly they got the shelving in place and how much more organized the garage was! We were finally able to park both cars in there!

It was definitely a project we couldn't have done without their help! 

So much better! 

What's the old adage? A place for everything and everything in it's place. I'd say they accomplished that!


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