Scooting & Riding

On Savannah's birthday, Daddy came home with some special presents for our girl...a scooter, helmet and elbow/knee pads! This little daredevil mounted the scooter at the top of the stairs and asked if she could ride down!!! After convincing her that probably wasn't the safest plan, we donned our gear and headed outside. Several months ago, Reagan learned to ride without training wheels. She falls fairly frequently and has been hesitant to practice. When we got to California, we snagged some knee and elbow pads for her hoping that would do the worked! She hopped right on the bike and didn't skip a beat. Turns out the old adage is true:)

Savannah had a blast figuring out her scooter and did a great job riding! Our neighborhood is small...only one street with several speed bumps, so unlike our house in Mt Vernon, we feel safe letting the girls ride in the street. It's nice and flat and wide enough for turns which was perfect!

Jason is sporting his new hat from Geoffrey!

Not quite sure she has the hang of the whole "riding" concept:)

After about 30 minutes, Savannah tired of her new toy, stripped off her gear and enjoyed walking around with me.

Seriously, this is one HAPPY girl!

Tommy is so patient with Savvy. She hugs him all the time!

The same day, we got to FaceTime with Grandma and Papa, Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Glenna, and Aunt Sheri! Savannah enjoyed opening her presents from everyone and, of course, wanted to play with each new toy immediately. It was a wonderful birthday!


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