Hilltop Dining

After a great day at the Angels' game, Jason took the girls and me out for a nice dinner overlooking the city. We arrived at the restaurant and the girls were mesmerized by the beautiful koi ponds. We had a brief wait and then were seated on the patio with a great view! We sipped yummy cocktails and enjoyed delicious food (ok, my order of sea bass was AMAZING...J didn't have quite the same experience and had to send his meal back a couple times). The sunset over the hills and it was gorgeous. He even snapped some pictures of me and the girls...a rarity! After they comped Jason's steak and our appetizer, we headed home sated and sleepy.


  1. Great pictures of you and the girls. What an amazing view for dinner as well. Looks like California life is agreeing with you all. Miss you on the east though.


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