Horton's Home Run 4 Kids

The week before we moved out of our house in Mount Vernon was packed! We were trying to see everyone before we left, AND...I won tickets via a radio contest to attend an event at National's stadium! It was a horribly rainy day with wicked thunderstorms, but we decided to venture into the city anyway. I'm so glad we did! While the in-field batting practice was canceled, we still got to do a lot of fun stuff. 

Savannah was only mildly afraid of Teddy:)

Savannah was so happy to meet Elsa! Reagan was less than impressed.

We caught a break in the rain and got to go down to the field where the girls met Screech!

Sitting in the dugout with Daddy.

This is the closest we'll probably ever be to a MLB field, and it was a great time! We truly enjoyed all the games we attended at this awesome stadium...Jason for the baseball and the girls and me for the food:)


  1. Proud of you for dressing them in the team clothes :)


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