Mornings with Papa

Before departing Virginia, we were lucky enough to stay with Grandma & Papa for a week+. (The girls stayed even longer which allowed Jason and I to get everything packed up and the house ready to turnover to the landlords!) Although it's sometimes tough to move in with others for an extended period, I LOVE living in Woodbridge. I never have to cook, we have access to the pool, and best of all, I don't have to get up early with the girls! Every morning, Papa got the girls when they woke up (usually from his bed where they crept in at 5am), got them dressed and fed them breakfast. They loved this morning routine and so did I! It gave me time to workout, or sleep in, or do whatever! 

One morning, I grabbed my camera to capture a few moments of their quiet morning with Papa. 


  1. Special moments they will cherish. I know you loved it too!


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