Reagan Turns 6!

1. Party at Grandma & Papa's
2. Trip to Disneyland
3. Birthday dinner at Uncle Dan & Aunt Helen's

This girl knows how to drag out a birthday:) 

To celebrate Reagan turning 6 (on her actual birthday), we had dinner at Uncle Dan & Aunt Helen's house. Nathan, Amanda and Jeanette joined us for El Pollo Loco and a cake from Baskin Robbins. In my typical mix-match fashion, we had Minions & Shopkins decorating the house:) It was low key and just the kind of party I prefer. Reagan is a thoughtful, bright girl, and though we have our rough moments, we are blessed to have her as our first born. She has taught us a lot, and I'm constantly amazed at her maturity. One story she loves to recount is when I found out my van needed 4 new tires. I had a somewhat nasty conversation with the guys at the Toyota dealership, and I was upset when I left. I knew it would be expensive and who the heck wants to drop $800 on new tires?! So with tears in my eyes, I pulled over into an empty parking lot to have a pity party. Reagan unbuckled herself, leaned up to me and rubbed my back saying, "Don't worry Mommy. It's going to be ok." She is wise beyond her years and I'm grateful for her.

I'm not sure who had more fun with Reagan's new Shopkins...her or Aunt Helen & Amanda!


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