Fairy Gardens at Uncle Dan & Aunt Helen's House

Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen have the most amazing yard! It's full of vegetables, herbs, succulents and other beautiful plants. It is also full of fairy gardens! Apparently these are quite a popular thing here in California (and perhaps other places, but this is our first sighting!). There are nurseries with sections dedicated to tiny signs, houses in the shape of mushrooms, gourds and anything else you can imagine, and other little treats! They are adorable! Some people choose to place fairy figurines inside their gardens, while others opt to set up small villages for fairies to visit while we sleep. Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen chose the latter.

This is the fairy house Reagan added before we moved into our new house. I love the tiny acorn birdhouse and the garden.

This is my favorite one of all! The fairy trailer! They just added the flags and now it's PERFECT!

Who wouldn't want to visit this magical place?!


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