Flash Back Friday: Spring Break Part 5

After visiting the Belward's and the Moore's, the girls and I headed to Wintergreen for a few days to round out our spring break adventure! I've never been known as a planner, so when we arrived the week after the slopes shut down, I shouldn't have been surprised. Despite the freezing temperatures, there was very little snow left and no real activities available:( Luckily, the views were beautiful and there was a great hiking trail right outside our cabin!

We had Tommy with us and he loved being out on the trails! Thankfully, there weren't many people on the mountain, which made it possible to let him off his leash for most of the time. Reagan and Savannah love hiking and the trails, though steep, were perfect for them. We also took advantage of the games the condo owners left in the closet. The girls had never played Twister, and they thought it was a hoot!

The following day, we visited the nature center. There were lots of things to check out...including a snake, a kids' corner complete with a puppet show booth and tons of toys, and more!

The girls had fun exploring the various rooms, playing with the toys, and reading the books.

After a couple hours of fun, we were hungry, so we headed down the mountain to the Devils' Backbone brewery for lunch. We practically had the entire place to ourselves!

We wrapped up our day with another hike. This time, we found a wounded butterfly. Reagan was so sad that he would probably die, but she loved holding him. This was a nice, flat trail and it followed a river. Savannah ran ahead most of the way and loved her freedom. We had such a great time in spite of the fact that there were no snow sports to partake in! 


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