Camping Adventures - Lake O'Neill - Part 2

We awoke Saturday morning, bright and early! The girls were happy and somewhat well-rested and Tommy was still confused:) The night before, on our way to brush our teeth, Savannah close-lined herself and scratched her eye. (It actually looks worse now, but luckily, it doesn't seem to bother her!)  

We got dressed and decided to go for a hike after breakfast.

We got to see lots of wildlife on our hike! And the girls hardly stopped running!

Look at this happy girl!

We got to a point on the trail where we could either go up a monster hill, or continue around the flat portion circling the lake. Reagan and Savannah charged the hill! I was so proud of them. Neither one asked to be carried or complained! It was awesome!!!

And the view from the top did not disappoint!

After our hike, we hung out at the campsite and made friends with the family in the next spot over. They had a 3 year old and a baby. One of the best things about being out there was the lack of screens! I had my phone, of course, but we left the Kindles behind and I'm so glad! Savannah entertained herself with this stuff for 30 minutes! 

There is a mini-golf course on the other side of the lake, so we hopped in the van with our new friend, Gabriel, and headed over to play for a bit. His parents and little brother walked over and joined us a bit later. It's a great spot because we were the only ones there, so the kids ran all over and didn't get bored. Plus, each of the little ponds was teeming with frogs! Savannah spent most of her time trying to catch one:)

Once the novelty of mini-golf wore off, we hit another playground. Reagan loves anything that spins, so she spent a bunch of time on this contraption!

What a beauty!

Gabriel and his family had to head back home for the day, so the girls and I drove up to the mini mart to get more firewood (Apparently this stuff burns quickly! We went through 6 bundles in 2 nights!) We also made the easy call and grabbed Subway sandwiches to put in the cooler for dinner later that night. On the way back, Savannah finally crashed. While she napped in the car, Reagan happily played in the tent with some paper dog dolls and her Shopkins.

We walked down to the edge of the lake and saw a beautiful heron and some pelicans! The girls mostly enjoyed throwing rocks into the water though.

Love this. Giant rock that didn't make it close to the water. Saggy pants. And loving every minute.

Have you seen a dirtier or happier child?!

We took another short walk and went to yet another playground to end our day. After dinner, we were all whooped, and fell asleep by 8:30 in spite of the multiple Girl and Boy Scout troops hooting and hollering! We woke up to a dense fog blanketing the area. We packed up and headed home, to clean up and continue our tradition of Sunday morning breakfast at Harbor House. Couldn't have asked for better behavior from Reagan and Savannah! We had a wonderful time, and I love my adventures with these two!


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