Beach Bums

On Saturday morning, the girls were up at 6! We managed to keep them contained to their room until about 7, and then it was go go go! We walked down to Harbor House for breakfast, then returned home to prep for a day at the beach. On our way to Del Mar, we stopped for gas and I ran across the street to the mini mart and snagged two boogie boards for the big girls...SCORE! Reagan and Charlotte had a blast trying to ride the waves. They both got rolled more than once, but no tears...just big smiles and more fun! The little girls were mostly content to play with the sand toys and occasionally jump the waves with a bit of help. Del Mar also has a great playground right on the beach, and they spent quite a bit of time there as well. We enjoyed a relaxing day overall and some gorgeous weather! Matt's (Ashley's husband) sister was up the road in LA and came down with friends for part of the day too! 

After a long day in the sun, we loaded the girls in the car and hit the commissary before heading home to make dinner and relax. The girls were exhausted and didn't take too much coaxing to get in bed. They even slept a bit longer, but not much!


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