We Found a Park!

After recovering from our farm adventures, I took the girls to a park near the beach. We had been the day prior and they really enjoyed it, so we headed back. Savannah crashed hard, so while she napped in her carseat, I skateboarded around the basketball court next to the parking lot. Meanwhile, Reagan trained for American Ninja Warrior:) She loves climbing the ropes and her favorite element is this huge wheel that she can either hang or sit on. There is a fairly gross body of water next to the park...seems to be full of duck poop, but Savannah digs it, so she and I wandered over to take a look. I love the mural that is painted on the wall of the underpass, and it's a great backdrop for portraits, so of course I made Sav pose for me:) We ended our day of fun with treats from the ice cream truck! 


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