Local Summer - Living Tea Brewing Co Event Recap

On Friday, Jason came home from his trip to the Philippines!!! He was nearly unpacked by the time I got the girls home from school, and we enjoyed some nice family time and a delicious dinner (Trader Joe's black bean soup with Chimichurri Rice & Veggies & pulled pork...YUM!) before the jet lag hit! Knowing this would probably happen, I wanted to make sure we gave him some time to recover and had registered the girls and I for a fun event at Living Tea Brewing Co., a local kombucha store!

On our way to the shop, we swung by the beach to check out the sunset! It was gorgeous!

We got there around 6:45 and the music was just starting. The girls ordered a Strawberry Apple Kombucha and I had Coconut Kombucha with Sake! I'm usually not a coconut fan, but this stuff was pretty tasty:) They had a variety of artists with the main event featuring Lee Koch, a former contestant on The Voice! He was amazing! We met some new friends, danced and enjoyed a beautiful evening.

Reagan was learning about an instrument we'd never seen before.

My little walrus:)

We met Jess and her daughter at the park a few weeks ago. She and I have met at the climbing gym a couple times, and she brought her daughter out for the event! Lil was obviously thrilled to be up past her typical bedtime!

 When we arrived home, Jason had taken a quick nap and was wide awake again! The girls were exhausted and went straight to bed...win win!


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