Cruisin' and Climbin'

On Sunday morning, we awoke and had a leisurely morning. Jason went out for bagels, the girls played upstairs and Matt and Ashley packed up their stuff for the next leg of their journey. The kiddos really wanted to ride bikes/scooters together before they left. And as you know, we have the perfect tiny neighborhood for this. 

Charlotte and Reagan are pros, both riding sans training wheels. Each took a spill or two, but shook it off and kept going. The little girls took turns riding the balance bikes and scooters and swapping. 

Savannah was mad. No idea why.

But then she was happy(ish) again.

And then upset because she couldn't get her helmet off.

But then happy to cruise on her new scooter. Seriously, keeping up with this girl's mood swings is a full-time job!

Jason had Caroline laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes. It was adorable.

After riding for a while, we wandered over to the small climbing rock up the street. Jason and Ashley showed the girls how to navigate the "boulder" and then there was no stopping them!

It was such a fun visit! Having kiddos the same age is awesome!


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