Cheap Fun: Painting Rocks

I'm all about finding cheap ways to entertain the girls. They spend hours playing with a bag of dry beans and tools from the kitchen! About a month ago, I went on a mission to find 36 2-inch, smooth rocks from the beach in Carlsbad for a teacher friend. (I'm not sure what her plan is!) While I was there, I saw larger rocks and grabbed 3 for us to paint someday. Last week, we broke out the paints and brushes after school and got to work. 

Savannah was using 2 brushes:)

I even got in on the fun, but I opted for Sharpies instead of paint!

Their masterpieces!

After they finished their rocks, I walked around the neighborhood in search of two more. I painted their hands and we made these:

Which lead to this...

Which ultimately resulted in this:

There are so many things we have to say no to every single day...I was given some good advice from my dear friend (and co-worker), Beth, "Find ways to say yes." This was one of those ways. 


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