Labor Day Weekend Visitors

We had our first houseguests this weekend! Jason's high school friend, Ashley, and her family came to Oceanside for a visit over the Labor Day holiday. She has two daughters, Charlotte (5 yrs old) and Caroline (3 yrs old). They arrived on Friday evening around 7:45 and within seconds, the girls were all best buddies! I've said it before, but it merits another mention...I love how children are so open to new friendships. There are no pretenses...just a mutual love of fun:) 

The girls had fun dressing up and playing in their room. We gave them a quick bath, and they loved using the color tabs Grandma and Papa sent for Savannah's birthday. Four little girls in one room resulted in a VERY late bedtime, but they were all asleep by 10:30, leaving the adults to chat and catch up. 

I love Reagan's "flippers."

Note Savannah lapping up the gross! 


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