Oceanside Harbor Days

On Saturday, we ventured out to Oceanside Harbor for Harbor Days! It's a 2-day celebration with mermaids, pirates, food trucks and all the tent vendors you can imagine! We arrived just in time for the costume contest to be over, but the girls each got a small prize anyway...which was good, because I think there would have been a meltdown! 

There was a pirate village on the beach featuring several tents with mermaids, digging for treasure, and story telling. The girls loved it! They even got to try on their own mermaid tails at one of the tents!

The police and fire departments were out in full force. They even put on a K-9 demo which we all enjoyed! They had some other fun stuff for the kids, so we got a couple tickets and the girls selected the inflatable shark slide. Reagan loved it! Savannah went down once, climbed back up, and then promptly refused to come back down:)

Jason was trying to coax Savannah into coming down...it didn't work. She eventually climbed back down the stairs!

I was so proud of Reagan and Savannah. They wanted to find more pirate activities and walked over like big girls and found some themselves!

There were LOTS of very realistic looking pirates walking around the event. We weren't sure if they were actors, or just really enthusiastic pirate fans! Either way, it was cool. This lady even had her own miniature donkey to accompany her costume!

They both got balloon animals, a bee for Reagan and a poodle for Savannah. Happy girls!

The Marines were there too! Of course I made Reagan stand on the deck of this LCAC!

As we made the long trek back to the car, Savannah crashed hard. We all headed home and took a 2 hour nap! It was wonderful! Once we woke up, we packed some snacks and hit the pool for a bit. What a great day! So glad to have Daddy back!


  1. My girls would love this! We need to come down next year to go :-)


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