Camping Adventures - Lake O'Neill - Part 1

Last weekend, Tommy, the girls and I went camping at Lake O'Neill on base. I made the reservation for 2 nights, hoping for the best, but knowing it was a distinct possibility that we would only make it one night. I picked the girls up from school around 3:30 with the car fully packed. We headed straight to the campsite, and while I set up the tent, the girls played at the park and had some snacks. Setting up the tent without the ocean breeze was SO much easier! We were in a great spot right next to the lake (and the potty!). 

I decided to go ahead and make the fire early so I could cook the foil packets I had prepped earlier. I forgot tongs, so I was using smaller pieces of wood and our s'mores sticks to maneuver them in the fire pit. Reagan and Savannah came back to the campsite and pretended to cook for a bit. I pulled the foil packets out only to find the contents were charred to bits! What a bust! Luckily, we had hot dogs in reserve:)

Guess you need more even heating to cook these guys!

What a clown! A dirty clown!

Thoughtfully sautéing a combination of Doritos and Pringles crunched up:)

The large tarps in the background cover a huge playground! So nice they could play without me being right next to them to supervise!

Epic fail.

Reagan, ever the optimist, picked out the pieces that weren't too burned and enjoyed her smoked sausage:)

Then they set to cooking our alternate meal!

That evening was the harvest moon and it did NOT disappoint! It was so bright and beautiful!

After roasting marshmallows and making s'mores, we brushed our teeth, "bathed" with baby wipes, and got into our pjs. I read a chapter out of Ramona the Pest and before too long, we were all fast asleep. Reagan slept like a champ; Savannah did her best to climb into my sleeping bag several times during the night:) And Tommy didn't know what to think!


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