Hanging In the OC

On Sunday (of Labor Day weekend), after a fun morning with the Lemons' family, we hit the road and headed back to Orange County to see the Burzumato's! Jeremy and Jenna were in town, so it was a great chance to see them again too. We hung out at the house for a bit and chatted. Reagan helped Uncle Dan prep dinner. Then we hopped back in the car with Jeremy and drove to the circle for one of the biggest street fairs I've ever been to. There were so many countries represented and tons of delicious smelling food! The girls got henna tattoos (my mistake because they needed to be still for 30 minutes in order for the tattoos to really work. They lasted about 4 minutes:) and the adults enjoyed a few beers. We met up with Jenna and her friends and hit a bar for another drink while the kids shared some tater tots. As dinner time neared, we drove back to the house leaving Jeremy behind. As usual, dinner was delicious! Savannah was happy as a clam to sit with Aunt Helen and Miss Jeanette. The rest of us listened eagerly to Uncle Dan's stories! Another great time in OC and as always, so grateful to have family close by!


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