Becoming a Handyman (Woman)

The original plan was to get Jason to do the baby-proofing before he deployed, but as I learned in the Marine Corps, the plan never withstands first contact!  He came home from CA and we only had a short time to spend together before he left, so the baby-proofing took a back burner.  Which leads me to this post: on Wednesday, I tackled the task of limiting our nosy little girl's access to our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Having used a drill only 2 or 3 times before, I was hesitant to try this myself.  But after some guidance from FIL via telephone, I felt confident enough to dive in.  Overall, the job wasn't too difficult and I finished the kitchen and guest bathroom while Reagan napped.  Unfortunately, this success only boosted my confidence so now I'm looking for more excuses to use the drill:)

Supplies: Drill, pencil, screwdriver, KidCo spring action locks

latch mechanism

hook side

completed latch

and only one broken drill bit!

I would highly recommend these latches to any other new parents.  They are relatively easy to install (especially for someone who is experienced with a drill) and are not so tough that I won't be able to get into the cabinets myself.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation on locks. We are going to need those soon! Good job with the drill.

  2. Um, you made need to teach Sean how to get into those cabinets when we visit! BTW, dad would be very proud of you!!!


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