I'm in love

...with my new treadmill!  Ok, so it's not new, and it's not exactly mine, but let me explain.  I've been begging Jason to get me a treadmill since we got married.  Unfortunately, he's adamantly opposed to the idea of a giant piece of exercise equipment cluttering up our new house.  (and rightfully so...it's currently in the living room and quite the eyesore)  However, when he deployed, I told him I was bound and determined to figure out a way to get a treadmill for the 7-months he's gone.  The other day, while walking through the neighborhood in an effort to entertain Reagan for just a few more minutes before commencing the bedtime routine, I ran into my very pregnant friend Jill.  I knew that she had a treadmill in her garage, and I was pretty certain that she wasn't (or rarely) using it.  Turns out my hunch was correct.  She said she's used it 3 times since they purchased it.  I asked her if I could "rent" it for the duration of the deployment and she said sure!

So on Thursday, another neighbor and his son and I went to Jill's house and loaded the treadmill into Jason's truck.  We offloaded it at the house and as soon as Reagan went to bed, I ran my first 2 miles on it.  I'd really like to move it upstairs where the TV is, but I need a couple strong guys to help me with that, so for now, it's happily taking up space in the living room.

And it came at the perfect time.  My dear friend Lynsey challenged our "Biggest Loser fans who eat ice cream while watching" Facebook group to run or walk at least 2 miles for the next 30 days!

Here's a couple pictures of my new favorite thing:

Isn't she a beauty?!  Practically brand-new!  And while it's probably not the best treadmill for runners, it's perfect for a jogger such as myself.  


  1. Glad you've found something to help make getting time to exercise (especially in the Lejeune heat!) easier.

  2. I promise you, it will soon be your new best friend. I'm trying to teach my dogs to use mine with me but it isn't working too well.


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