More beach pictures!

I know I already posted about our visit to Oak Island, but I had to steal some of the great pictures Lynsey took and shared with me.

Sporting their cool shades!

Flying baby is even more fun in the ocean!

A "walk" on the beach

Making friends with the local wildlife:)

Who would have thought this would be us just over a year ago?!

Someone climbed into the pool with her dress on...

Fun with kitchen utensils.  It kind of looks like Reagan is trying to beat Mason!

He got his revenge on the beach though!  Hey you, get back here!

She's definitely eating a shell in this one.

My big girl!

And this is why we both had sand everywhere, but it sure was fun!

Great pictures Lynsey!  Thanks for a great trip!


  1. Your blog makes me jealous! I wish I lived closer. Tell Reagan I'll take her to the beach over the 4th of July!


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