Vandalism, J'actionville Style

On Saturday morning while we were in Raleigh, I received a call from my next door neighbor.  She informed me that a few mailboxes in our neighborhood, mine being one of them, were vandalized.  She passed the phone to a sheriff who took my information for a report, and he informed me that this happened in several other neighborhoods and they actually think they might have a suspect.  The damage to our mailbox wasn't nearly as bad as it was to the others, so I'm thankful for that.  But it's infuriating that someone would do such a thing.  I guess there's nothing fun in J'actionville to keep the local kids occupied.   No wait, we have several beaches, clubs, parks, etc to entertain them...guess they just suck!

When I got home, the mailbox was almost on the ground.  I managed to pick it up and re-seat it using a rock to balance it until I fill it in with dirt.

Not too bad overall, still able to send/receive mail

Point of impact I imagine...

Geez, hope this was fun for someone.  Jerks.

What's left of my neighbor's mailbox!  See, it could have been worse.


  1. It was probably some Marines. :)

  2. I agree with Sean, probably some of the RBE from 1/9...


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