My Favorite Author

A couple years ago, Grandma Goodale sent me a book for my birthday.  I had never heard of the author, but Grandma is an avid reader, so I trusted her judgment and immediately began reading.  And now I'm hooked on Maeve Binchy!  She's an exceptional author from Ireland and I cannot get enough of her stories.  Maeve Binchy is by far one of the most engaging writers I've ever been introduced to.  Her character development is second to none, and it makes you want the stories to go on forever.  I've read the following books already:

Circle of Friends
Minding Frankie
Nights of Rain and Stars
Whitethorn Woods
Heart and Soul
Tara Road
Scarlett Feather
This Year It Will Be Different (a collection of short stories)

There are a few more in her collection that I plan to read as soon as I finish the others in the queue of my kindle.  I highly recommend her books for a relaxing read!


  1. Sounds like a great read! As soon as I finish this stupid class with AMU, I'll have to check her out!


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