Water Play Date!

On Tuesday, my friend, Gaby and her daughter, Chloe were going to go to the family pool on the air station with us.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the pool was at max capacity and there were 10 people on the waiting list.  Not to have our fun spoiled, we headed home to have our own water play date. Some other kids from the neighborhood joined and we had a blast!  The girls are only 2 days apart in age and we try to meet once a week.  Chloe is an absolute sweetheart and we're so glad to have a friend close by since it seems we are always driving forever to meet up with people!

Chloe chewing her favorite water toy...a blue hippo which we sent her home with!

Reagan and her new water table

Reagan, Brock, Ethan & Chloe


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