My New Groups

For the past month+, I've been running with a local group called Stroller Warriors.  At first, I was hesitant to join as I thought it cost money, but turns out it's totally free!  Stroller Warriors is a great group of women who get together for workouts once a week (and as soon as school is out, twice a week!).  The fitness level of the members ranges from super speedy to turtle and it's a great motivation to get out there on these hot summer days.

This past Saturday, I headed down to Wilmington on a whim to run the 3rd Annual Flashback 10K and ran into 4 other girls from the group.  I didn't know any of their names at the time, but I recognized faces and boy did that make the run better!  I tried to steal a picture from the event that was on Facebook, but was unable to do so.  Oh well, it's a wonderful thing to do here in Jacksonville and it keeps us busy, so Hooray for Stroller Warriors!

I also started a group on Facebook called "Biggest Loser Fans Who Eat Ice Cream While Watching."  It's a group of women who are trying to lose weight or just get in/stay in shape.  We share our food intake for the day, workout tips, and other information.  Some people have the self-control and willpower to get it done on their own, and good for them!  But I'm not one of them, so every little thing helps!  So thanks to all of you who contribute.  You have no idea how much it helps to be accountable to a group of people!


  1. Stroller Warriors sounds like a lot of fun! And I LOVE your Facebook group. What a fun way to stay in shape with the support of some amazing women!


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