Too many miles on the Subaru...I think not!

Just before Jason deployed, I got my oil changed...May 9th to be exact.  It is now June 12th, and I have put 2,847 miles on my car!  This has been the result of 2 trips to Raleigh, 2 visits to Wilmington, and the general product of living really far away from everything else!  

But such is our traveling life, and we love it.  This past weekend, we packed up the car on Friday afternoon and headed to Raleigh to visit Colleen on her last free days before she returns to work on Monday.  We were excited to see how much Max has grown in just a couple months and as always, happy to visit with Colleen & Keith.  When we arrived on Friday afternoon, the skies were darkening and the thunder was booming.  Tommy hid in the bathroom while Reagan and I donned bathing suits and went for a quick dip before the rain came.  The neighborhood pool was the perfect temperature (a result from full sun exposure) and of course, she loved it.  

On Saturday, a friend of Keith's came over and we went to the Leesville Tap Room for lunch.  Then we went home and changed into our suits for round two at the pool.  This time, Keith, Max, and Ben joined us!  

Reagan's new swim suit

Aunt Colleen helping Reagan test out her new float!

Max was enjoying a few moments in the shade while we swam:)  

"How high?!" Reagan having fun with Uncle Keith!

Ben played with Reagan and she loved it!  We missed his wife Jakki though:(

Just before we left, Reagan was so tired, she almost fell asleep on the float while Uncle Keith & Ben pushed her around in the water.

We went back to the house and Reagan immediately fell asleep.  Max, sated after his bottle, did a bit of tummy time on his playmat:

This kid has been rolling over since he was 2 weeks old, so tummy time is hard to come by!

Colleen, Reagan and I went to run some errands after her nap and on Saturday night, we went to Colleen's parent's house (about a mile away) where Jill treated us to a delicious 15-bean soup, bread and salad.  We had an amazing dessert (homemade chocolate cake with dark chocolate sauce and ice cream)!  Before we left, I got a welcomed phone call from Jason!  He sounded tired, but good and we were thrilled to talk to him.  

On Sunday morning, Reagan and I went for a quick jog and then played for a bit before going to meet Suzanne at Jason's Deli for lunch.  After that, we went to BJs, where we picked up some items to send Jason and a few goodies for ourselves.  Once we got back home, I quickly gathered our things and Tommy and we hopped in the car.  After a quick trip to REI, we started our journey home.  We made it about an hour into the trip and stopped for gas and a feeding break at a rest area.  Finally, we made it home and tended to the garden before dinner, bath and bedtime.  It was a wonderful trip and we're so grateful to our amazing friends for always welcoming us:)   

Reagan's T-Rex impression

Someone started using consonants: here's her bababa face!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend. I hate that we missed it. Joint pool party is a must!


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