Jogger's Paradise

Ok, so it's not exactly Colorado, or California, but Camp Lejeune, NC offers lots of trails for walkers/joggers/runners.  On Friday, we were on base to drop something at the hospital, so I decided to go for a jog.  (And I had to complete my 2 miles for the challenge!)  I've taken to keeping the stroller in the back of the car and a backpack of running gear in case the mood strikes.  I'm not too keen on driving places to go running, but my neighborhood is so tiny (.8 miles to the furthest point back), that I end up hitting every cul-de-sac and it's not quite ideal, so I would rather run anywhere else.  

We parked at the Paradise Point tennis/basketball courts and took off for a 3 mile jog.  It was a beautiful day and it felt pretty good to get outside after Thursday's treadmill workouts.  The only downfall of running these trails: TICKS!  I've had 3 on me since I started running again:(

Ready to's the view from our parking spot!

The bridge overlooking the base marina was our turn-around point

I ignored the "except by residents" part because I was pretty sure no one would stop me:)

Within the mile and a half route, there were two water stations.  How thoughtful of the base personnel!

Stroller-friendly trails make for a happy mom!

Another view from our parking spot

Reagan is a great running partner, but she has yet to make it to the finish of a run without being totally passed out!


  1. What a beautiful place to run! My favorite is the water station... Just what I would need. Can we take the kids there when we visit?

  2. Of course we can. And after (or before) we can go to Hospital Point to take pictures!


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