I actually had a bra on...

for the first time in 10+ months tonight!  But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me back up.

This week, I've been planning for my first official night out since Reagan was born.  Ok, that's not entirely true, but handful of other times I was away from her, I knew that once I got home, she'd be awake and I'd be nursing or soothing within the hour.  Now that she's sleeping through the night (knock on wood), I'm calling this my first official night out.

So I called a friend's college-age daughter to sit with Reagan while she slept, so I could attend my friend's graduation celebration.  The event started at 7, but since we are giving Reagan a bottle before bed (which she's still not great at) and she's new to the whole concept of "someone other than mommy," I let the hostess know that I would not arrive until around 8:30.  Sounded like a good plan, right?

It all started off well.  I did my make up while Reagan splashed around in the bathtub and she mostly played with her bottle before giving me all the signs that she was ready for bed.  She went down without a peep and the baby-sitter arrived shortly after.  I got dressed up which included the aforementioned bra (seriously, I have only worn nursing tank tops and sports bras since July 2010) and high heels!  I headed to the party.  When I arrived, everyone was telling funny stories about the graduate (I've only known her a short while and therefore had nothing to contribute), so I joined the circle and listened.  First bad part of the night - the table full of booze was directly across the circle, so I had a perfect view of it and no tasty beverage in my hand:(  I knew one other person in attendance and after the stories were shared, I politely made my way through the circle and grabbed a beer, heading to chat with my other friend.  Unfortunately, she had been there since 7 with her mother who had recently flown in from Ireland and they were leaving in about 15 minutes.  Now comes the second bad part of the evening - I grabbed a few things from the food table and tried to join a group of people (pretty much the only ones left).  I sat down and said, "Hey, I don't know anyone so can I sit with you guys?"   Chirp, chirp.  Yup, all I got was the call of the crickets.  And then they went on laughing about some work story.  I had no idea what was being talked about and no way of joining the conversation.  I tried in vain to talk to the girl next to me, but no joy.  So I helped with the cleanup efforts and excused myself, stating that I promised the baby-sitter I'd be home at 10:30.

I did get to have a lovely chat with my friend's grandmother though, so the evening wasn't a total bust.  It truly was a lovely party and I hate that I'm complaining about it, but I suppose I just had higher expectations for my first official night out.  Oh well, lesson learned.  And $30 later, I think next time I'll just go see a movie:)


  1. I want to see a picture of you all dressed up!!!


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